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Hello, my name is Sadiq Sharaf, I am an Omani business freelancer with over 28 years of business knowledge and experience in Oman.

I love and enjoy working closely with Omani fresh entrepreneurs and foreign investors to discuss, plan and start their business operations in Oman.

So, if you have a thought or plan to do business in Oman please contact me  NOW !

Jeema Management Consultancy & Services (Jeema Consulting) founded in Muscat in 2012, by Omani business practitioner, to assist local small businesses in their start-up efforts. Later, Jeema Consulting expanded its services to facilitate foreign investment in Oman through helping foreign investors discovering, evaluating and executing their investment plans in Oman.  Jeema Consulting, since those early days, has gained vast knowledge and expertise in providing management, sales and marketing, communication and public relations, government – related, and other business consultancies and services to small and medium businesses, and providing pre-investment guidance to foreign investors and assisting them during their start-up phase.
Let's start your business in Oman NOW !
Reliable , one to one and cost effective way to start your business in Oman.
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Why should you be doing business with us?
Our in-depth and rich expertise in the local Omani business environment and the way business is done in Oman.  
Our updated knowledge of Omani business laws, government decisions, rules and procedures combined with our access to wide range of business information.
One to One Approach
Our one to one approach with our clients allows us to work closely with them and remove all unnecessary barriers of communication and understanding.
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